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J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks


 Watch out! The Trademark Police and their lawyers are in hot pursuit of our Oreo. We can no longer use the trademarked word "Oreo" in the name of our Ice Cream or Yogurt flavors (and every other menu item based on those addictive little cookies). We're keeping all the recipes the same, it's just the name that's gotta go. Oreo is on the lamb and needs your help to come up with an alias for its real name.

 Email your idea for a new name to [email protected] with the subject line being only your idea for the name to replace the word "Oreo" (which we soon will never be able to legally "udder" again). The winner shall receive bragging rights, social media recognition, a quart of their favorite ice cream or yogurt, and a tour of our JP production facility with Vince Petryk (Mr. JP Licks). The contest ends January 22nd, 2014.

 This being a serious issue, we'd really appreciate it if you guys could keep this on the down low. Shhh!
J.P. Licks

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